AWWA/IAPMO Manual 2022

AWWA/IAPMO Manual 2022


Manual of Recommended Practice for: The Safe Closure and Reopening of Building Water Systems

1    Scope 

1.1    Applicability 
This Manual shall apply to risk management practices for all potable and non-potable water supply systems during normal operation, when closing, during interruptions to normal operation, and when reopening building water systems in specific occupancy types. Section 4 shall apply to potable water systems, nonpotable water systems, and mechanical systems. Section 5 shall apply to potable water systems. Section 6 shall apply to nonpotable water systems. Section 7 shall apply to mechanical systems.

1.2    Building Water Systems
This Manual shall be applicable to building water systems (potable and nonpotable) for plumbing systems including the following:
(1)    Potable water systems
(2)    Non-potable water systems shall include, but not limited to, the following:
(a)    Alternate water systems for outdoor use, or for indoor water use (dual plumbing systems)
(b)    Utility supplied reclaimed water
(c)    Rainwater catchment
(d)    Gray water
(e)    Landscape irrigation
(f)    Decorative features
(g)    Mechanical systems including cooling towers

1.3    Occupancy Types
This Manual shall be applicable to the following occupancies:
(1)    Non-residential (low- and high-rise)
(a)    Office buildings
(b)    Mercantile (seasonal retail)
(c)    Schools/dormitories
(d)    Hotels/motel
(e)    Assembly
(f)    Healthcare
(2)    Residential
Exception: one- and two-family occupancies


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