2021 UPC Appendix M eBook

2021 UPC Appendix M eBook


Appendix M
This document was extracted from Appendix M of the 2021 Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) which was developed via an ANSI accredited development process. It provides a method for estimating the demand load for the building water supply and principal branches for single- and multi-family dwellings with water-conserving plumbing fixtures, fixture fittings, and appliances. It provides examples for determining flow rate which can then be used to size the plumbing supply piping. The IAPMO water demand calculator accurately predicts peak water demand in single-family homes and apartment buildings, reducing the carbon footprint of the structure and saving consumers on both their water and water heating-related energy utility bills for the entire life of the plumbing system.

All references to other sections of the UPC have also been extracted to avoid dependance of additional documents. It is a standalone document that can be utilized by any jurisdiction.  


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