2021 UPC Appendix H eBook

2021 UPC Appendix H eBook


2021 UPC Appendix H and Appendix M product description

Appendix H
This document was extracted from Appendix H of the 2021 Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) which was developed via an ANSI accredited development process. It provides general guidelines for the materials, design, and installation of private sewage disposal systems. Where permitted by the local plumbing code, plumbing systems can be connected to a private sewage disposal system in accordance with the provisions of this appendix. The type of system is determined on the basis of location, soil porosity, and groundwater level, and designed to receive all sewage from the property. The private sewage disposal system, except as otherwise approved, consist of a septic tank with effluent discharging into a subsurface disposal field, into one or more seepage pits, or into a combination of subsurface disposal field and seepage pits. 

All references to other sections of the UPC have also been extracted to avoid dependance of additional documents. It is a standalone document that can be utilized by any jurisdiction.  



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