2021 Swimming Pool Spa and Hot Tub Code

2021 Swimming Pool Spa and Hot Tub Code


2021 Uniform Swimming Pool Spa and Hot Tub Code

The Uniform Swimming Pool Spa and Hot Tub Code is the only model code governing the installation, inspection and maintenance of swimming pool, spa and hot tub systems and their component products. This is an ANSI designated American National Standard consensus document written by representatives from industry companies, inspectors, plumbers and engineers.

Key provisions of the 2021 USPSHTC and changes from the 2018 edition include:

  • Additional requirements for flood resistant design and construction for flood hazard areas

  • Inclusion of additional applicable material standards for building supply, water distribution, and circulation systems

  • Additional requirements and applicable standards for tracer wires

  • New design and installation requirements for both manual and electrically powered pool lifts for accessibility

  • New requirements for slip-resistant walkway surfaces including a new Appendix for sample calculations (Appendix C)

  • New design and installation requirements for islands (including island markers), lazy rivers, and bridges

  • New structural design requirements for concrete, fiberglass, stainless steel, tile and vinyl

  • New design requirements for vanishing edge pools including methods for determining catch basin volume and minimum operating level

  • New requirements for decks and drain covers

  • New and updated ventilation requirements for indoor aquatic facilities including design parameters for humidity, exhaust air, supply air, and return air

  • New requirements for turnover times and maximum bather load per day

  • Modifications to installation and design requirements for ladders, steps, and stairs

  • New design and installation requirements for handrails

  • Updates to signage requirements at entrances to swimming pools and at specific locations

  • New requirements for entrapment prevention including suction outlets, safety vacuum release systems, suction-limiting vent systems, automatic pump shutoff systems, gravity drainage systems and main drain disablement

  • New requirements for interactive aquatic play equipment

  • New Appendix A – Method for Determining Latent Evaporation Loads of Natatoriums

  • New Appendix B – Standard Water Temperatures for Indoor Aquatic Facilities







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