2017 WEStand

2017 WEStand


The 2017 WEStand provides minimum requiremnts that optimize built environment water use practices and corresponding provisions that maintain protection to public health, safety, and welfare. The purpose of this standard is to provide progressive codified requirements to optimize water use practices attributed to the built environment while maintaining protection of the public health, safety and welfare.

WEStand applies to both residential and commercial indoor and outdoor water efficiency and covers:

  • Fixtures, Fittings & Appliances for safe and efficient consumption and flow rate requirements
  • Composting – Contains the first set of comprehensive codified requirements for composting and urine diversion toilets.
  • Leak detection – Important new safety provisions for leak detection systems
  • Landscape Irrigation – Important new provisions for system inspection and performance.
  • New pool pumps requirements for energy efficiency
  • Progressive provisions for uses of gray water generated from clothes washers in landscape irrigation.
  • New requirements that reduce the cost of retrofitting gray water systems in single family homes.
  • Allows for the installation of rainwater catchment systems up to 5000 gallons for non-potable uses without requiring inspections under certain conditions, reducing costs to owners
  • Flow Through Design Fittings - reduce stagnation, help keep systems free from biofilm growth, improve hot water delivery efficiencies.
  • New Water Demand Calculator determines pipe size based on today’s plumbing fixtures and appliances and usage patterns. The first comprehensive pipe sizing method advancement since Hunter’s Curve. Estimates the demand for residential systems of all sizes, even multifamily. Easy to use and results in improved scouring action in water pipes, inhibits biofilm growth, shorter water dwell times in premise plumbing systems, improves water quality, faster hot water delivery times throughout the plumbing system.


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