2009 Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub Code eBook

2009 Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa, and Hot Tub Code eBook


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The USPSHTC is the only model code governing the installation, inspection and maintenance of swimming pool, spa and hot tub systems and their component products. This is an ANSI designated American National Standard consensus document written by representatives from industry companies, inspectors, plumbers and engineers.

The Key provisions of the 2009 USPSHTC and changes from the 2006 edition include: New specific provisions in Chapter 1: Administration to include structures, materials, equipment, appurtenances and other associated components for swimming pool, spa and hot tub systems.; New definitions were added that specifically address terms used with the code, such as: abrasion hazard, acid, acid wash, acrylic, action pool, air channel, air switch system, ancillary facility, aquatic playgrounds, backwash, break in grade, catch pool, cavitation, coping and various types of swimming pools.; New provisions referencing American National Standards for the installation of public swimming pools, private inground swimming pools, private aboveground/onground swimming pools, public spas, private permanently installed spas and private portable spas, including structural design requirements.; Specific language addressing maximum water velocity in branch suction piping and suction piping velocities based on various materials.; Revised language to include specific safety provisions in accordance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Act regarding anti-body and hair entrapment. Also added safety provisions for vacuum release systems to conform to American National Standards.

This convenient eBook book contains all the provisions and standards of the USPSHTC, is fully indexed/bookmarked, hyperlinked, searchable, and available with the click of a mouse. No more bulky books and torn or missing pages.


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