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IAPMO IGC 167-2011ae2 Solid waste containment interceptors

IAPMO IGC 167-2011ae2 Solid waste containment interceptors
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1.1 The purpose of this standard is to:
(a) establish acceptable criteria for solid waste containment interceptors;
(b) serve as a guide for producers, distributors, architects, engineers, contractors, installers, inspectors, and users;
(c) promote understanding regarding materials and manufacturing of solid waste containment interceptors; and
(d) provide for markings that identify solid waste containment interceptors that comply with this Standard.

1.2 Solid waste containment interceptors covered by this Standard are intended for
(a) specialty uses including dental offices, medical offices, laundry applications and testing laboratories; and
(b) installation as a trap or after the appliance or machine.

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