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IAPMO IGC 239-2014 (R2020) Aluminum‐Polypropylene (AL‐PP) Composite Piping Systems

IAPMO IGC 239-2014 (R2020) Aluminum‐Polypropylene (AL‐PP) Composite Piping Systems
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1 Scope
1.1 General
This Standard covers
(a) aluminum‐polypropylene (AL‐PP) composite pipe consisting of a core of extruded polypropylene (PP) surrounded by a welded aluminum (AL) tube joined by a melt adhesive; and
(b) fittings intended for use with the AL‐PP composite pipe.
Piping systems covered by this Standard are
(a) intended for use in residential and commercial
(i) hot‐ and cold‐water supply and distribution systems;
(ii) fire protection systems;
(iii) radiant panel heating systems and hydronic baseboard heating systems;
(iv) compressed air distribution systems; and
(v) gas distribution systems; and
(b) pressure‐rated for
(i) 1,600 kPa (232 psi) at 23 ºC (73ºF);
(ii) 860 kPa (125 psi) at 82 ºC (180ºF); or
(iii) both (i) and (ii).
1.1.3 This Standard specifies requirements for materials, physical characteristics, performance testing, and markings.

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