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IAPMO PS 054-2015 Metallic and Plastic Utility Boxes

IAPMO PS 054-2015 Metallic and Plastic Utility Boxes
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1 Scope

1.1 Scope
This Standard covers utility boxes intended for plumbing applications (e.g., washing machines, ice makers, tubs, gas appliances, and air admittance valves) and made of
(a) acrylonitrile‐butadiene‐styrene (ABS);
(b) polystyrene (PS);
(c) polyvinylchloride (PVC);
(d) steel; or
(e) a combination of the materials listed in Items (a) to (d).

This Standard specifies requirements for materials, physical characteristics, performance tests, and markings.a comment to quickly reviewwith a comment to quickly review

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