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2009 Uniform Solar Energy Code

2009 Uniform Solar Energy Code
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The advantages of a Uniform Solar Energy Code©, acceptable in various jurisdictions as a means of promoting the public's health, safety and welfare, has long been recognized.  The first edition written by representatives from industry and public utility companies, inspectors, plumbers and engineers was published by IAPMO in September 1976.

Key provisions of the 2009 USEC and changes from the 2006 edition include:
• Comprehensively covers solar thermal systems and photovoltaic systems
• Allows the installation of single wall heat exchangers
• Requires access to solar collector and its components for maintenance and repair purposes
• Provides protection requirements for freezing temperatures, water hammer, rodents, corrosion, ultraviolet radiation, decay and termites
• Waterproofing requirements when solar collector is installed on a building structure for the prevention

The Uniform Plumbing Code© (UPC) sections in this code are taken from the 2009 edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code.

The Uniform Mechanical Code© (UMC) sections in this code are taken from the 2009 edition of the Uniform Mechanical Code.

An American National Standard IAPMO/ANSI USEC 1-2009

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