IAPMO Electronic Books & Documents

IAPMO is happy to now provide some of our books and documents via an electronic downloadable product. IAPMO has opted to utilize Adobe Digital Editions as our electronic reader platform. In order to access a downloadable book from the IAPMO Online Store you will have to first download and Install Adobe Digital Editions, second create an Adobe ID, and third download your purchase.

To access an IAPMO electronic book or download:

  1. Download and Install Adobe Digital Editions
  2. Authorize your computer with an Adobe ID if you have one or create an Adobe ID when prompted.
  3. Download your IAPMO electronic book/document.

At this time IAPMO is only able capable of providing assistance with downloading an electronic version of our books/documents to your primary computer. Mobile device downloads may work but are not currently supported by IAPMO at this time due to the compatibility difference between the various devices on the market.


eBook License Agreement

IAPMO eBook Policy